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ADYA Hospice & Palliative Care - Your provider of Hospice and Palliative Care in Solano, Sonoma, Contra Costa, Napa, San Mateo and San Francisco.

What does “Adya” mean?

Adya is a Filipino word meaning protection, help or deliverance. 

Our Vision

To be a family-preferred hospice and palliative care provider by delivering the ultimate care experience.

Our Mission

Adya Hospice & Palliative Care is a family-oriented, quality-driven agency focused on providing comfort care to our patients and their families. We are a compassionate team dedicated to delivering unparalleled, wholistic services, allowing both patients and their families to celebrate life and create long-lasting memories as they enter the next phase of their journey.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver the Ultimate Care Experience at all times  

  • Embrace and Drive Change –  Strive for growth but go beyond adapting to change. Embrace uncertainty and dare  to do something different for the opportunity to evolve into something greater. 

  • Open-mindedness – Explore possibilities and think beyond the norm. Let creativity flow and  be resourceful in pursuit of our goals. Embrace the wonderful fact that there is always something new to learn.

  • Proactive Communication – Value one another by taking initiative to actively engage in open, honest, and respectful communication about issues that are important to each person. 

  • Be Compassionate and Humble – Recognize the struggles of others and have the courage to provide support along their journey.  Be mindful of your own vulnerabilities and take accountability for your actions.

  • Be Resolute and Bold – Be purposeful and determined in your actions and stand for what you believe in.

  • Integrity – Operate with transparency, work with honesty, and value truth. 

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