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Primary Care Nurse

You will be assigned a primary care nurse who will coordinate your care and foster communication between you and the other members of the interdisciplinary group.  The role of the nurse is to help prevent and relieve pain and other symptoms, and to teach caregivers ways to provide for your care. The nurse will also ensure necessary medical supplies and equipment are ordered, and will assist in monitoring medications. Regular communication with your physician will make certain that he/ she is aware of your status and that orders are being followed. Your hospice nurse will make efforts to anticipate your needs and assist you to better understand the natural progression of your illness, so that you can be empowered to make decisions regarding your care.

Physician Services

The hospice medical director, physician employees and contracted physician(s) of the hospice, along with your attending physician, are responsible for the palliation and management of your terminal illness and any conditions related to the terminal illness. If your attending physician is not available, the hospice medical director, contracted physician and/or the hospice physician employee is responsible for meeting your medical needs..


Social Worker

Facing a serious illness can be a time of tremendous pain and confusion for you and your family. Because you must deal with emotions and challenges throughout the time in which the illness is occurring, a social worker may be assigned to help you and your family. Services that maybe provided by the social worker include:

  • Providing emotional support, counseling and guidance to the patient and family in coping with issues related to the illness

  • Identifying financial and community resources available to help you

  • Offering information about Advance Directives

  • Assisting the patient and family with planning for funeral arrangements, nursing home placement.


Hospice Aide/Homemaker

In accordance with the plan of care and under the supervision of a registered nurse, hospice aide/homemaker services are provided to patients who have a need for personal care on a part-time basis. Our aides/ homemakers have experience in caring for people in need and have been carefully chosen to provide care for the patients of the hospice. The hospice aide assists with the patient’s personal care which may include bathing, hair care, shaving, skin care, range of motion activities, dry dressing changes, assisting patient to the bathroom, use of commode or bed pan, catheter care, assisting with meal preparation and feeding, light housekeeping and/or linen changes. Hospice aides are not allowed to dispense medication. As part of the interdisciplinary team, they will report any changes in the condition of the patient  to the appropriate team member. Their scheduled visits and days are determined by the nurse and may vary to meet patient needs.

Spiritual Care Counselor

Hospice spiritual care is based on a high respect for the patients' and caregivers’ personal faith and beliefs. The hospice chaplain is available to assist patients and families cope with the significant spiritual issues that often arise during terminal illness. The services offered include regular pastoral care visits, being on-call and available for classes, conducting funerals and memorial services as requested, and contacting a patient's own clergy, pastoral counselor or other individuals for additional support, if desired. The hospice chaplain does not impose his/her personal belief systems or seek to change the beliefs of others.


Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

Services are provided by a licensed therapist or licensed therapy assistant under the direction of the therapist. Therapy services may be provided only as reasonable and necessary for symptom control or to enable you to maintain activities of daily living and basic functional skills in accordance with the hospice philosophy. These services must be approved by the Hospice Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) and may not be appropriate for all hospice patients.


Dietary Counselor

Dietary counseling may be provided by a dietitian, nurse or other qualified staff member to address nutritional care and concerns that arise related to the physiological changes during a terminal illness.



A vital part of hospice is the carefully selected and well-trained volunteers working alongside the professional staff. Our volunteers have a strong desire to be of service to others and provide a variety of support for the hospice program and those coping with terminal illness, grief and loss. Volunteers may be used on a regular schedule or on an as needed basis.



We value and recognize your right to dignity and individuality, including privacy in treatment and in the care of your personal needs. We will always notify you if an additional individual needs to be present for your visit for reasons of safety, education or supervision. Prior to anyone visiting your home, we will ask your permission. You have the right to refuse any visitors and this will not compromise your care in any way.

We do not participate in any experimental research connected with patient care except under the direction of your physician and with your written consent.

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