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Adya Hospice Care

Hospice Care is a benefit of your insurance that focuses on the quality of life rather than its length, it is a Holistic approach to care, with a goal of managing symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath and anxiety for patient with the life-expectancy of 6 months or less.

Patient and Nurse

Who is eligible for hospice?

  • Someone whose doctor gave a determination that they have 6 months or less to live to due a terminal and life-limiting illness

  • Someone whose main goal is to stop all curative efforts and focus on the quality of life and comfort care.

  • Someone whose health has recently continued to decline and is not eating, mentation has changed, and dependent on someone to assist in their daily activities.

What are the benefits of hospice?

  • Educational, Spiritual and Emotional Support for family while being able to take care of their love ones

  • Comfort, pain and symptom management

  • Family and caregiver assistance with day-to-day care

  • Complete coverage of Medical Equipment and Pharmacy

  • 24/7,365 Nursing assistance and visits

Senior Gay Couple
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